No Longer a "Man’s World," Women Carve Their Own Paths in Adland and Beyond

Production to post to casting, a generation of women find success on their own terms.


While the advertising industry – from Madison Aves biggest agencies to every facets of the commercial production and post process -- have always had plenty of strong women role models. Talented and uncompromising women who refused to stand in the shadows of male counterparts. Attend any ad industry function and its clear the Mad Men era of Y chromosome dominance is clearly a relic of the past.

What we are seeing more and more is women launching their own companies and taking ownership of not just their own career, but guiding the careers of others around them -- whether its editorial houses such as Hootenanny, creative production companies like Traveling Picture Show Company, Blonde + Co, Derby, @Large Productions Productions + PostCutter Productions; or stalwart casting agency Liz Lewis Casting Partners.

More than anything our Women At The Helm showreel reflects not just the diversity of the creators, but the diversity found in the work itself. This month collection runs the gamut of emotions -- from the powerful teen suicide prevention music video “Ghost Story” featuring casting by Liz Lewis Casting Partners; the inspiring Misty Copeland profile in Cutter Productions’ spot for Under Armour; the touching Allstate spot “Hands That Never Let Go from Hootenanny; the heart-pumping Redken “City Beats” spot by Blonde + Co; to the outright hilarious found in both Derby’s “Marshmallows Only” and Traveling Picture Show Company’s “Reggie Watts Bacon Experience” for Hormel.  

Watch our "Women at the Helm" showreel and take a gander at what 'girl power' can do.


Brand : ABC TV
Product : The Chew
Director/DP : Chandler Kauffman
Prod Co : Cutter Productions
Holiday Nostalgia
Promo for holiday programming on "The Chew".
Brand : Allstate
Product : Insurance
Editor : Nikki Vapensky
Sponsor : Hootenanny
Hands That Never Let Go
Fathers have a hard time letting their children go.
Brand : Always
Product : Feminine Hygiene
Editor : Nikki Vapensky
Sponsor : Hootenanny
Keep Playing
Some athletic young girls have an inspirational message for their peers.
Brand : Amazon Echo
Product : Hyundai Genesis
Director : Julian Pugsley
Prod Co : Traveling Picture Show Company
It's too hot for Frankie the dog to go outside. Man fires up his Genesis G90 using the Amazon Echo so they can go for a drive instead.
Brand : Ancestry
Product :
Director : Matt Ogens
Prod Co : @LArge Productions + Post
Emily discovers she's related to George Washington.
Brand : Anheuser Busch
Product : Budweiser
Director : Gus Black
Prod Co :  Traveling Picture Show Company
Two Things
Budweiser wants it to be known that they care about two things... making great beer and your safety.
Brand : Athene
Product : Financial Advisors
Directors : Amir Mokri and Dave Henegar
Prod Co : @LArge Productions + Post
Be Brave
A man watches from afar as financial advisors panic.
Brand : Blinds To Go
Product : Motorized Blinds
Director : Bennett Windheim
Prod Co : Cutter Productions
Woman uses remote control to lower her blinds before going to sleep.
Brand : Blonde + Co
Directors : Julie Stahl and Glenn Chocky
Prod Co : Blonde + Co
Product : Montage Reel
Blonde + Co Show Reel 2016
Montage Reel from Blonde + Co.
Brand : Cabela's
Product : Cabela's
Director : Tyler Stableford
Prod Co : @LArge Productions + Post
Disconnect Day
Turn off your devices, disconnect, and enjoy the wonderful world around you
Brand : Central Park Conservancy
Product : PSA Central Park
Casting : Liz Lewis Casting Partners
A man tries to proposal to his significant other in a post-Central Park world.
Brand : Clarisonic
Product : Mia FIt
Director/CD : Grey Zisser
Prod Co : Blonde + Co
Mia Fit Unscripted Testimonials
Real women react to the Mia Fit after washing their faces.
Brand : Colgate
Product : My Bright Future
Director : Aubrey Smyth
Prod Co : Cutter Productions
Colgate: Brushing After Breakfast
A little girl makes a mess during breakfast but brushes her teeth nicely.
Brand : Dixon Center
Product : Easter Seals Disability Services
Director : Jim Fabio
Sponsor : Cutter Productions
Easter Seals - What to Wear
Rob Riggle interviews an ex-soldier for a job he is confident about.
Brand : Educational Testing Services (ETS)
Product : Why English Matters Docuseries
Director : Marcelo Bukin
Prod Co : Cutter Productions
SONY: A Common Language Helps Drive Innovation
A woman learns English to better understand and help with innovation working with Sony
Brand : Samsung
Product : Galaxy S7
Casting : Liz Lewis Casting Partners
A Perfect Day
Teens spend a pleasant day biking around NYC.
Brand : Erno Laszlo
Product : Erno Laszlo
Director : Lucas Borras
Prod Co : Derby/New York
Editor/ Colorist : Lucas Borras
Bespoke is Beautiful
Soaps and cosmetics are the focus of this stop motion based spot.
Brand : Gillette
Product : Deodorant
Director : Ryan Travis
Prod Co : @LArge Productions + Post
The deodorant brand puts itself to the tests in a muscle gym.
Brand : Honda
Product : Honda
Talent : Liz Lewis Casting Partners
Honda Neighborhood
Two neighbors head out to a soccer game even though their daughters play for opposing teams.
Brand : Hormel
Product : Black Label bacon
Director : Paul Riccio
Prod Co : Traveling Picture Show Company
The Reggie Watts Bacon Experience
Reggie Watts creates an delicious track using Hormel's Black Label bacon.
Brand : Htc
Product : HTC Re-Vive
Director : Josh Hayward
Prod Co : Derby/New York
Places Beyond Reach
The HTC Re-Vive is highlighted in this CGI driven spot.
Brand : Instacart
Product : Instacart
Director : Laura Merians
Prod Co : @LArge Productions + Post
Having high-maintenance foodie groceries delivered is easy in any location with Instacart!
Brand : Kraft food
Product : Cheese
Director : Brad DeMarea
Prod Co : Hootenanny
Editor : Liz Tate
Brad Paisley offers a production assistant some very spicy cheese.
Brand : Lipton Iced Tea
Product : Lipton Iced Tea
Director : Aubrey Smyth
Prod Co : Cutter Productions
Surprise Summer Splash
Children sell Lipton Iced tea made from a near by pool.
Brand : Lucky Charms
Product : Lucky Charms
Director : Kyle Sauer
Prod Co : Derby/New York
Marshmallows only
Biz Markie sings about Lucky Charms in this animation driven spot.
Brand : Marriott
Product : Hotel
Director : Javier Barcala
Prod Co : @LArge Productions + Post
Greetings from Los Angeles
A woman daydreams of all the glitzy nightlife spots Los Angeles has to offer.
Brand : Mastercard
Product : Credit Card
Director : PR Brown
Prod Co : Traveling Picture Show Company
Orel Hershiser surprises a little league baseball team.
Brand : McDonald's
Product : Tender Strips
Editor : Liz Tate/Hootenanny
Tender Lovin'
Friends chow down on delicious chicken tenders in their car.
Brand : MTV
Product : TV Show Trailer
Prod Co : Cutter Productions
Rebel Music Season 2 Trailer
Trailer for season two of MTV series "Rebel Music".
Brand : NCADV
Director : Jimmy Ferguson
Prod Co : Blonde + Co
CDs : Julie Stahl and Grey Zisser
ACD : Andrea Cueva
#NotAFan is a public awareness campaign focused on empowering fans to take a stand against domestic violence. Be a sports fan, but #NotAFan of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.
Brand : NFL Network
Product : NFL
Director : Jim Fabio
Sponsor : Cutter Productions
NFL - Immaculate Remembrance
Steelers fans relate the story of obtaining the ball from the infamous "immaculate reception" and its personal significance for their family.
Brand : Redken
Product : Glow Dry
Directors : Julie Stahl and Grey Zisser
Prod Co : Blonde + Co
Glow Dry
Suki Waterhouse doesn't blow dry her hair, she glow dries her hair!
Brand : Redken
Product : Citybeats
Directors : Julie Stahl and Andrea Cueva
Prod Co : Blonde + Co
CD : Grey Zisser
ACD : Andrea Cueva
Feel the beat of NYC with 12 vibrant shades inspired by the city streets. Rock your boldest haircolor with new City Beats! Feel the energy, hear the beat.
Brand : Sports Illustrated
Product : Sports Illustrated
Director : The Bozzwicks
Prod Co : Derby/New York
It's More Than Just a Game, Sosa
A roaring crowd is juxtaposed with a lone football player in a locker room before a high school game.
Brand : S'Well
Product : S'well
Director : John Poliquin
Prod Co : Derby/New York
Hydration Magic
A water balloon fight is the focus of this spot from S'well.
Brand : Under Armour
Product : Under Armour Women
Director : Sheldon Candis
Prod Co : Cutter Productions
I WILL WHAT I WANT: Misty Copeland – Telling the Best Story (Director's Cut)
A woman uses the city as her dance studio.
Brand : Unilever
Product : Vive Mejor
Director : Marcelo Bukin
Prod Co : Cutter Productions
Vive Mejor
Latin women live better with Unilever products.
Brand : USA Today
Product : News Journal
Director : Chandler Kauffman
Prod Co : Cutter Productions
Morning Mayhem
Busy professionals desire more to become more informed at the expense of their cheap entertainment.
Brand : Volkswagen
Product : Volkswagen
Director : Paul Street
Prod Co : Traveling Picture Show Company
The Road
Drivers are kept safe by the standard safety features of their Volkswagen Passat.
Brand : Vroom
Product : Vroom
Casting : Liz Lewis Casting Partners
An aunt talks about fostering her niece in this spot from Vroom.
Brand : Whitney Woerz
Director : Liz Garbus
Casting : Liz Lewis Casting Partners
Whitney Woerz - Ghost Story
Emotional Music Video for Ghost Story from Whitney Woerz.
Brand : Winners
Product : Winners
Casting : Liz Lewis Casting Partners
Big Finds Bright Colors
Large accessories are thrown into the arms of stylish women in this spot from Winners.

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