ADOLESCENT Production Company Launches

ADOLESCENT Production Company Launches

Founded by Splendid director Ramaa Mosley and EP Hope Farley, ADOLESCENT will represent directors ages 13 - 25 years old.

Commercial and feature director, Ramaa Mosley and Executive Producer, Hope Farley, launch ADOLESCENT production company, dedicated to the representation and development of young directors for commercials, music videos and social media content.  

“The directors represented by Adolescent are accomplished professional photographers, film makers and music video directors with published, gallery and museum work and huge social media followings... they also happen to be young.” says Ramaa Mosley, co-owner of Adolescent.  “Our directors have a strong point of view that speaks directly to youth culture.  Adolescent's focus is to harness and cultivate that vision. We work with each director's visual and story telling gift to connect them with advertising agencies and brands looking for a unique and youthful voice for a wide range of projects”.

Mosley’s inspiration to open ADOLESCENT emerged from her mentorship of young film makers which began while she was still in college and working professionally fifteen years ago.  “I started directing when I was sixteen years old and a senior in high school. By the time I was in college, I was working professionally directing commercials and music videos. When my music videos aired on MTV, I started receiving calls from high schools students who wanted me to mentor them! I would say ‘yes’ to every student looking for a mentor. For years I have been working with young film makers on my shoots.  I’m inspired by their enthusiasm and excitement because it reminds me of myself.  Starting ADOLESCENT is a dynamic and productive next step in my evolution as a director and as a human who wants to help others achieve their creative dreams.”

From Mosley’s grass-roots mentorship program, ADOLESCENT was born.  Mosley partnered with her commercial producer, Hope Farley, to start a company which is best described as a collective for young directors.  “The most exciting thing about this venture for me is that it has never been done. Who better to speak to young people than their peers? Hiring the very young to direct commercials is uncharted territory in advertising, though it’s a wild success in the photo industry. As we were building our roster, it became abundantly clear that the majority of our directors have been working at professional levels for years. They are more than ready for this. I constantly find myself in awe of how much they have been able to accomplish in their short lives” says Hope Farley.  

ADOLESCENT is a satellite of Splendid & Company (formerly Trio Films).  Mosley is signed as a director at Splendid and serves as creative director and partner of ADOLESCENT along with Farley who is executive producer.

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