Week of 30 November 2015

Week of 30 November 2015


30 November 2015
As Source Creative enters a new era our newsletter returns. This Source Creative newsletter sees work from Aardman Animations, Hootenanny, The Devil You Know, jumP and others. We also take note of agency creative from BBDO Argentina , RPA and Saatchi, while The Colonie, Optimus and charlietango share news. These items and so many more...

Myer launched its 2015 Christmas campaign, created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and Aardman Animations.  Titled ‘Where Christmas Comes For Christmas,’ the campaign will launch with a 60 second stop-motion film featuring four Christmas characters making their way through a winter wonderland to buy their Christmas gifts.  Created with Aardman – the Academy award-winning animation studio of ‘Wallace & Gromit’ and ‘Shaun the Sheep’ fame – the four month production process saw each of the four characters sculpted by hand and filmed frame by frame.  Beyond the brand film, the story of these characters runs through retail TVCs, posters, press, microsite, social, catalogues, shopping bags, staff uniforms, wrapping paper, gift cards and visual merchandise displays. Every touchpoint at Myer has been transformed with the campaign designed to direct consumers towards Myer’s Christmas gift destination, the ‘Giftorium.’  Aardman director, Steve Harding-Hill added “Everyone at Aardman loved this script straight from the start. It was funny, irreverent and very unsentimental. It seemed to typify the real spirit of Christmas to us.  So using traditional stop motion methods we created a magical nostalgic world that was combined with a wry modern twist. An idyllic handcrafted world, where a bunch of chatty Christmassy pals meet up and journey through an epic winter wonderland, towards the excitement that is Christmas.”

Amber Music has produced the score for Part Two of Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s “The Gentlemen’s Wager II,” starring Jude Law, Giancarlo Giannini and Zhao Wei.  Directed by RSA’s Jake Scott and edited by Andrea MacArthur at NO6, the 10-minute film follows the “Gentlemen’s Wager” storyline released last year. It was created by Chief Creative Officer Mike Byrne and Creative Director Mark Sarosi at Anomaly New York, with Winslow Dennis producing for the agency.  The short tells the story of Law’s journey through Italy and France (ending in Monaco) in a vintage race car he wants to win as the result of a bet he made with Giannini. Accordingly, the music is all loosely based on 1960s film scores, with that humorous feel typical of Italian movies from that time.  Amber created seven minutes of original music, composed by Mark Tewarson and produced by Michelle Curran, assisted by Mike Perri. The track also includes music by Plastic Bertrand, with contributions from Eclectic. Amber mastered the tracks on quarter-inch tape to aid in creating an authentic 1960s sound. 

The latest chapter in Pepsi Max’s web series, “Uncle Drew,” starring Kyrie Irving, and directed by O Positive’s Jonathan Klein (who also helmed the first three chapters in the series). Chapter four finds Uncle Drew—alter ego to NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving—down in Miami putting in work and settling old scores.  Uncle Drew Chapter one went viral with 10 million views on YouTube in just three weeks and was awarded a Cannes Silver Lion in Branded Content and Entertainment, and Chapter three won Best Sports Video in Adweek’s Watch Awards last year.

Saam Farahmand at Rogue Films created this advertisement for Lipton’s new TO Tea machine for Tribal Worldwide London in collaboration with adam&eveDDB.  Farahmand is an award winning music video director, in this project he works with a renowned team of artists and performers including Cirque du Soleil.  The advert combines cutting-edge filming techniques with beautiful in-air and underwater performances by Cirque du Soleil. These tangibly visualise T.O by Lipton in action and show the ‘revolution in flavour.’  The ad draws inspiration from T.O by Lipton’s visible brew orb, a unique aspect of the product – in which you can see the tea brewing.  To create a visualisation of the tea leaves dancing and blending inside the orb, Cirque du Soleil performed underwater in colourful outfits representing specific flavours - each one behaving as the tea leaves and capturing the spirit and essence of the brewing process.

Hootenanny editor Graham Metzger and AE Marketing Group recently partnered up to create a new TV and web campaign for Network Health Wisconsin. The campaign consists of three TV spots and six web shorts. Metzger was the driving creative force behind the effort, acting as director during the four-day shoot up in Madison, and also helming the creative direction, editing and graphics.  Metzger has worked on Network Health since the campaign began in 2012, editing and designing three prior broadcast packages, plus additional digital content. This is Metzger’s second time directing for the campaign.  Madison-based ProVideo & Film was the production company, with producer Matt Cowden. Justin Mayer of Hoffman Sound handled sound design and mix. Character animation was handled by This is Mythic in Milwaukee. 

Ray Ban / Never Hide Films recently released “Glue,” a short film about love, relationships, and phones. The Devil You Know director Bo Mirosseni wrote and directed this short piece showing a couple’s life being consumed by their electronic devices until their lives become impossible. The resulting confrontation leads them to get rid, in rather impulsive and amusing ways, of every single device around their house.  “Glue” was shot on film (16mm), a creative decision that supported strongly the message of the film - the choice film over digital, flaws over perfection, life over the virtual.  “Bo’s work is extremely personal, yet it speaks to every human being because it reaches out to what we all have inside of us: the need to love and be loved”, says EP Simon Wallon from The Devil You Know. “He is an amazing film maker whose work goes far beyond commercials and music videos, because he truly has something to say about his world.”  Mirosseni is currently developing his first feature film, “Feelings.” 

The Quarry editor Jonnie Scarlett has kicked off the season with two new editing projects; the first for HSBC’s new One Day Mortgage Approval was written by JWT and directed by Blink’s Zak Emerson.  The film has genuinely charming performances and Scarlett’s crafted edit compliments the cleverly placed Dinah Washington soundtrack.  Second up, the new Morrisons Christmas campaign which cheerfully sets us running into the festive period, is directed by Nice Shirt’s Stuart Douglas created by DLKW Lowe.  


In the latest 30 second spot for the California Lottery created by David & Goliath, and shot by Dael Oates and Chromista, we follow the lifespan of a #2 pencil. The pencil tells the story of how something so simple can yield great results.  The spot is centered around this single object.  “Just a Pencil,” holds within its small frame endless opportunities and unlimited ideas.  The narrator takes us on a journey of a pencil’s lifetime held in a single elementary school classroom, paralleling the children’s growth over time.  A pencil that you use to write an essay that gets an A, that leads to the scholarship that gets you into the University, which gets you the that dream job.  The spot opens on a new and freshly sharpened pencil and as the camera circles around it, we see it sitting alone on the desk in a classroom as students and teachers move in fast forward in the background.  The focus stays on the pencil as it gets smaller and smaller, time is passing by quickly around the disintegrating pencil.  “Just a pencil,” can lead these children anywhere.  Like this pencil, CA Lottery supports these children in their quest of knowledge.  The spot ends with the pencil down to its final sharpen, with the tag, “a little goes a long way.”  There are endless possibilities.

King and Country (K&C), a full-service, design-centric production company, recently directed and produced a :30 TV commercial for Motel 6 and ad agency The Richards Group.  “Room to Room” highlights Motel 6’s nationwide renovations through a seamless room-to-room journey. The VFX-intensive spot alludes to some of the magic K&C brought to the iconic Motel 6 50th Anniversary spot “Metamorphosis,” such as transitional devices and other key visuals.  Led by K&C Partner/Director Efrain Montanez, the crew shot on location at a Motel 6 in Carson, California, and at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California, which afforded them space for large room builds, as well as turntable and motion control rigs for a multitude of setups. From a production perspective, the challenge was capturing dynamic, expansive camera moves, such as the 360-degree shots, while maintaining a cohesive look.  “It was important that the renovations not appear intrusive to potential travelers staying at Motel 6s across the country,” says Montanez. “This was where our ‘in-the-nick-of-time’ gags came into place. The characters are oblivious to the changes as the camera catches them happening right before they interact with the rooms, so we don’t give the impression that renovations are ongoing.”  In addition, to ensure that the end tag fit into the spot, K&C also created a dollhouse lock-up showing a cross-section of four rooms with guests tucking in for the night for Motel 6, which the client will use for other branding needs in the campaign.  Montanez credits K&C’s strong relationship with The Richards Group for facilitating open communication and a smooth collaboration.  “We have a great creative flow and established trust with their team,” says Montanez. “They came to us very early on, which enabled us to have an extensive previs process and anticipate any surprises that might arise before and during the shoot. Pre-production was vital to the success of this spot and we were able to plan every detail. Using previs cameras, we programmed the motion control rigs during the shoot and modeled everything to scale, which allowed us to work efficiently on set.”  “This project highlights all that we do as a full-service studio, from concepting and planning, directing and editorial, to animation, VFX and finishing,” concludes Jerry Torgerson, K&C Partner/Executive Producer. “Motel 6 and The Richards Group coming back to King and Country for the biggest effects-heavy shoot they’ve ever done meant the world to us. The amount of trust we felt from day 1 really pushed each member of our team to exceed the challenges of bringing another seamless Motel 6 spot to life.”

Shine on You Crazy Diamond!” is the latest Forevermark film by JWT Milan and Iconoclast director Rob Chiu in the new campaign for the international diamond brand, Amsterdam based music agency Sizzer provides a dramatic soundtrack with original music by composer Erik Jan GrobMarcel Alexander Wiebenga music supervisor on the project comments, “Man this one was great. Everything in the film breathes luxury and I just have a soft spot for these‚Ä®kind of films. Rob Chiu did an excellent job and it was great to work with him on this.” 

A group of energetic kids discover that a yellow bus is not the fastest nor the most fun way to get to school in a new sport for fitness company Domyos directed by A Common Thread director Ross Ching.  In a spot produced for the Paris office of Fred & Fardid, school kids hide from their bus driver when he arrives to pick them up in the morning. Instead, they take off under their own power, bounding over walls, doing cartwheels on rooftops and leaping over guardrails, arriving at school just ahead of the driver and the empty bus.  Ching cast a group of children trained in parkour, an obstacle course program involving, running, climbing, swinging, vaulting and other acrobatic feats. Through clever camerawork and precise choreography, he created the illusion that the kids have the agility of circus performers.  Shooting locations included rooftops and roadways sprinkled around central Los Angeles. “We had many locations to cover and a lot of stunts to do with the kids, so it was a challenge timewise, but the kids did an awesome job,” notes Ching. “They were some of the most talented young performers I’ve worked with.”  Next up, a flawlessly attired businessman confronts an “international snack committee” over the contents of a snack food in a new spot for international food brand Chipita directed by Peter Dietrich. The smiling don confidently assures the committee chairman that his self-named product, Pizzeti, does indeed include real tomatoes and cheese, and ominously adds that the last man who questioned his integrity is “now learning to hit a hammer with his other hand.”  Dietrich shot the spot in a single shoot day in Belgrade, Serbia with the support of the historic Museum of the local Film Archive.

Concept-oriented design & digital production studio We Are Royale recently collaborated with ad agency Hill Holliday on a Twitter-based game called #PositivATI. The app is part of a new multimedia campaign for Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, a national nonprofit dedicated to reducing substance abuse among adolescents. The “Who Controls You” campaign breaks this month and was created pro-bono by Hill Holliday and award-winning social media influencer Maris Jones as part of the Partnership’s Above the Influence (ATI) teen program.  #PositivATI gives teens a way to counter the negativity in social media with a little positivity through a simple shooting game; it pulls in real, negative tweets directly from Twitter, which users shoot down for points. For every negative tweet that is knocked out, a positive tweet goes into the thread of the negative hashtag, disrupting the stream of negativity.  #PositivATI is accessible via a website, and will also be used for future community forums and events in a larger installation format. You can play #PositivATI at

jumP Editorial's Luis Moreno teamed up with director Jonas Åkerlund, again, for a warming campaign featuring jazz duo Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett for Barnes & Noble.  Moreno captured  the moment with the two artists as they make their way down the cozy aisles singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”  Moreno also teamed with Stern Advertising to complete a series of new spots for Jared the Galleria of Jewelry.  While Michael Saia joined forces with the financial team of John Hancock and Hill Holliday for another emotionally compelling installment of the "Life Comes Next" campaign directed by Jeff Preiss.  Saia carved a compelling narrative out of very real situations that will hit home for many.  jumP's Adrianna Merlucci collaborated with director Ben Callner to show consumers just how thorough Kelley Blue Book is in testing their vehicles.  David Johnston partnered with Samsung and Rosetta to showcase the new Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ in four lifestyle pieces directed by Luis Peña.

Athenahealth's new campaign, by m ss ng p eces "Let Doctors Be Doctors” launched in an effort to expose the issues and obstacles created by electronic health record systems (EHRs), which are not only failing to improve the connection between patients and doctors, but ultimately distracting doctors from their true jobs.  In the industry of health IT, this marketing campaign is bold and disruptive, featuring a series of digital, print and radio spots with a strong social media component. Aethenahealth also created an LDBD microsite which has already received an outpouring of support from leading industry experts, providers and doctors - including an EHR rap parody video from ZDoggMD, mocking the current role technology plays in healthcare.  

Cap Gun Collective director Daniel Benmayor has reunited with creatives from Team One on behalf of Lexus. The newest collaboration is the national television spot titled "Different Routes," which is a key part of the agency's campaign for the 2016 Lexus LX. This spot and a second version, titled "Shortcut" was also directed by Benmayor.  In "Different Routes," the refreshed 2016 Lexus LX 570 sport utility vehicle goes head-to-head in a friendly competition with Lexus' flagship sedan, the LS, climbing a mountain in the Austrian Alps. While the LS demonstrates precision and power by nimbly taking sharp turns on the road, the LX uses its unsurpassed off-road ability to dramatically climb straight up the mountain, crossing the LS's path several times. Both vehicles arrive simultaneously at the luxury resort atop the mountain, demonstrating there's more than one way to the top.

Passion Pictures created this year's TV campaign for Lotería de Navidad, Spain’s national lottery, drawn once a year at Christmas. More than just a prize draw, the Lotería, ‘El Gordo,’ is considered the world’s biggest lottery; a highly anticipated yearly event in the Spanish cultural calendar with more than 46 million entrants. For the second year running, the lottery’s campaign comes in the form of a short narrative film, and this year, Passion was approached to help take on the challenge of warming the nation’s hearts with an animated spot.  The 3.5 minute long film can be called an international collaboration, drawing on the talent of directors Againstallodds as well as the creative team at Leo Burnett in Madrid. The film, which aired in Spain, features the protagonist Justino, a mannequin factory’s nighttime security guard, whose thoughtful jokes capture the imagination of his daytime colleagues. This inspires them to enter Justino into the lottery draw and eventually share their winnings. Loteria is all about the spirit of sharing, reinforcing the values we all associate with Christmas and the festive season. Also in the spirit of the season, Passion takes lighthearted look at a real family Christmas, Anchor and Creature of London have launched their alternative Christmas ad. Anchor Butter joins the Hugglers enjoying Christmas; a happy scene quickly unsettled by little Alfred’s adoration of the most annoying toy – thanks to Grandma.  ‘Little Elephant’ kick starts the Christmas period for Anchor Butter, which sees a new Christmas gift design, with an on pack and online competition. 

Whitehouse Post reteams with global lifestyle brand, kate spade new york and actress Anna Kendrick, for the fourth “Miss Adventure” installment with a new short film that also features Girls star, Zosia Mamet.  Directed by Mari Hiller and aptly titled “Joy Ride,” the piece picks up where the Fall 2015 film left off as Kendrick departs from the Russian Team Room in New York City. After a moment of confusion over a waiting car, Kendrick and Mamet find themselves together in the backseat along with Miss Adventure’s sidekick Brussels Griffon and piles of shopping bags. While waiting for their driver, the ingenues quickly bond over Dr. Zhivago, safe words, and a shared love of kate spade holiday accessories.  Whitehouse Post editor Ethan Mitchell, who cut the previous “Miss Adventure” installments, unfolds the actresses’ waiting moments as they alleviate their boredom through amusing conversation and eventually decide to take control of their own “Miss Adventure.”

Los Angeles-based production company Society puts young motherhood to the test in an amusing new campaign for yogurt brand, Müller. The piece is shot by Rachel Goldenberg, a Society director known for Funny or Die and the Will Ferrell Lifetime deadpan A Deadly Adoption, and features veteran commercial actress Allyn Rachel.  Goldenberg’s satirical prowess and Rachel’s quirky, comedic chops come together to show how the trials that often come with being a mom can be tempered by a dessert-flavored yogurt. Their chemistry enabled them to rely more on improvisation than a standard treatment, and the result brings Rachel’s character to life in a world where “sanity is served” with a side order of escapism, and balance is restored at home with the help of a delectable yogurt dish.

Director Tom De Nolf and digital studio Reel FX, Dallas/Santa Monica, offer a fresh perspective on being in love in the charming new :60 for Kay Jewelers, out of Stern Advertising, Inc. The spot, directed by De Nolf, features a myriad of couples equally immersed in their friendships as their romantic love for each other, sharing both everyday and poignant moments while forming a deep everlasting bond. Executive Producer Steve Johnson produced the shoot for Reel FX. In the new spot we see a vibrant young couple enjoying a picnic in the park, a family of four enjoying a cozy movie night at home, a sleepy couple enduring a lovable daily blanket struggle and an older pair comforting each other through a somber moment. The spot debuts the jeweler’s exquisite Ever Us Two-Stone Diamond Ring via the young man proposing to his girlfriend while enjoying their afternoon in the park, touting, “One diamond for your best friend. One diamond for your true love. One ring forever.”

Fashion label Replay launched a new integrated campaign for their new product line, Hyperskin.  The campaign, which includes an online film,print and in-store executions, has been created by 180 Amsterdam and stars supermodel Irina Shayk, literally blowing the minds of fellow gym-goers as she achieves a series of ever-more ambitious yoga moves, in Hyperskin denim.  The Italian fashion denim retailer tasked 180 Amsterdam with bringing to life the freedom and style of Hyperskin - its new venture into the category-transforming world of ‘Athleisure,’ and creating an execution which would embody the attitude of Replay’s rebellious spirit.  Hyperskin combines performance, lightweight and 100% natural fibres, for maximum comfort and style, even after a high impact workout session.  The TVC was directed by director duo ‘Tell No One’ and produced by Good Egg, London, with VFX and Post by MPC.

Ataboy recently completed for sex trafficking awareness non-profit Shared Hope International. This character animation video takes the viewer through the terrifying world of juvenile sex trafficking. The piece highlights the despair, loneliness, exploitations, and helplessness of the victims and concludes with a message of optimism as the work that Shared Hope does to combat trafficking is explored.  Ataboy Creative Director Vikkal Parikh was immediately inspired by this compelling story and hand-picked a team of designers, illustrators, and animators to help develop the visual language for this story. “The basic framework of the story that was presented to us dictated the final look of the piece. It had to connect to the viewer and convey a very delicate message. I worked with our concept artist Rob Chandler and explored a few different styles before we narrowed down the particular look. The grittiness and lack of details in characters was definitely a conscious effort to help connect to a wider audience,” said Parikh. 


Whether it’s hungry kids or the creepy cast from “Hotel Transylvania 2,” K.C. Penguin, the brand icon for KidCuisine kids meals, just can’t seem to get away. That’s the premise behind the new spot “On The Run,” featuring 3D animation by Calabash via agency Nickelodeon Creative Advertising, New York. The new spot -- directed by Matt and Jason Docter (aka The Docter Twins) and edited by Glenn Conte of Northern Lights, New York -- features a clever tie-in to the new animated feature film starring Adam Sandler, as well as a revamped animated K.C. Penguin character.  “We were excited to work with Nickelodeon Creative Advertising on this well-established brand and character,” Sean Henry, Calabash's Executive Producer, says. “It is always a fun challenge to update an existing character. Our goal was to freshen up K.C.’s look without straying too far from the existing design. It was important that he remain recognizable and retain his personality and attitude.”  “On The Run” opens with a terrified K.C. Penguin running down a hall holding a Kid Cuisine meal in each hand and shouting, “they’re coming!” The ‘they’ is the cast of “Hotel Transylvania 2.” K.C. is confronted by hungry kids who love the character-shaped chicken nuggets and mac n’ cheese found in special Hotel Transylvania 2 Kid Cuisine meals. The spot ends with kids gone and K.C. sneaking up to the table to deliver his new signature line, “fun tastes goo-oo-oo-oo-ood!.”

When the whole of Korea’s was talking about the country’s youth taking the national college entry exams, Nike Korea offered a different point of view by launching the 60-second film “Hear Us”, created by Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo. The film features the voices of Korean youth taking control of their fate and explaining the importance of sport in their lives.  The voices in the film come from the campaign’s social activation ‘Be Heard.’ In partnership with KakaoTalk, a popular free mobile messaging application in Korea, Nike encouraged young Koreans to speak out by recording their voices and telling their own stories about the value of sport in their lives. Over 2000 voice recordings were submitted, with several-shared daily in the form of short films on, Nike’s social accounts, as well as Pikicast. There were also basketball and football events hosted by Nike Korea, where young athletes were able to record their voices.  Greg White, Senior Digital Strategist at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo says, “We wanted to give Korean kids the chance to have their voices heard, not just by us, but by their friends, parents and teachers. We used the app they use the most - KakaoTalk - to let them record their voices. We were blown away by what they had to say. We hope the films we made with their voices inspire other kids to play sport and adults to listen to them."

BBDO Argentina developed the latest campaign for Gancia, the aperitif from Grupo Cepas, where you can choose among five different endings of the story.  In the previous campaign, the protagonist couldn't find a glass to drink his Gancia. Now, he can't find a seat to joint his circle of friends. The main spot invites you to enter and choose the place where you prefer him to seat on.

Created by RPA, this year’s 2015 Happy Honda Days TV campaign, Honda shows the magic and wonder of the holidays in fun, whimsical ways, connecting their vehicles to the moments that make the holidays so special. Each of five intricate spots were melded from three layers—live action (people/vehicles) + miniature sets + matte paintings—bringing the magical world inside the Happy Honda Days house to life. The spots show someone opening up different doors of a Happy Honda Days wooden house to reveal a world of Honda inside. Charming holiday scenes like snowball fights and ice-skating all revolve around their Honda, leaving consumers with the realization that the Happy Honda Days Sales Event really is the perfect time to get the gift they’ve been waiting for all year . 

Stats confirm pets make life better. People who own pets are proven to have longer, healthier, happier lives. But pets aren’t one size fits all. Factors like age, family status, and hobbies mean some people and animals aren’t a great match.  The Amanda Foundation, one of LA’s largest pet rescues, and advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA  partnered together to create a solution to help match potential pet owners with animals up for adoption. Saatchi LA came up with the idea to apply an advertising model, using consumer data to match people online with potential pets based on different lifestyle needs and tastes.  Enter Digital Pawprint, the world’s first pet adoption drive that’s driven by consumers’ data.  Today’s modern display ads use data and browsing behavior to determine which ads and products are relevant to a specific person. So Saatchi LA tapped into that technology to instead determine that person’s perfect pet. The same way digital behavior can be used to match a person’s unique lifestyle to a product, Amanda Foundation can use that data powered by programmatic media to match them with a pet that fits their specific needs, and is ready to be adopted.

Three members of Chicago-based The Colonie and two of its interns were recognized at the recent AICE 14th Annual AICE Camp Kuleshov Competition, and The Midwest Independent Film Festival's seventh annual Advertising Community Shorts Festival.  Assistant visual FX artist Ben Pokorny was awarded top honors at AICE Chicago’s Camp Kuleshov ‘Design’ competition for his graphics-driven title sequence for Terry Gilliam’s ”Brazil.”  Pokorny took footage from the movie and modified it, to create a series of work order forms titled “Department of Information.”   Camp Kuleshov Trailer Competition challenged assistant editors to select one of 27 films and cut a 90-second trailer that promotes it as a picture of a different genre. First Runner-Up went to assistant editor Jimmy Helm of The Colonie for ”Maniac.”  Helm chose the film ‘Tootsie’ and skillfully crafted a trailer that twisted Dustin Hoffman’s affable comedic character into a foreboding diabolical threat.  Michael Dowdle, currently an intern at the company, won top ‘Editorial’ honors at Camp Kuleshov’s Tent City Competition for ”Devil’s Due,“ a horror movie take on the film “Dare Devil,”  Another intern at The Colonie, Brandon Danziger, followed him, as first runner-up, in the ‘Editorial’ competition with his intro, titled “8 Horrible Bosses.”  The short film “Happy Hour” directed by Martin Rodahl cut by Brian Sepanik, creative editor and partner at The Colonie, took 2nd place at the event.

World famous department store Selfridges recently launched the Astrolounge; a visually dazzling seasonal zone, featuring a space-inspired sonic landscape curated by MassiveMusic.  The global music agency has expanded upon supervision for traditional media, and extended the company offering with an entirely new arm of the business; music curation for fashion and retail.  MassiveMusic’s global creative team worked together with senior visual merchandising staff at Selfridges to create unique music briefs for each zone based on customer demographic, taste predication, time of day and season. The new celestial Astrolounge playlist is just one of the 27 specially curated zones in the London store. The curation service has now been expanded to the regional stores in Birmingham and Manchester.  On the offering, Paul Reynolds, Managing Director of MassiveMusic London, comments, “This service has traditionally been offered by very big, corporate companies. We’re bringing in our own cutting-edge music creative, partnering with leading tech firms, and creating a fresh music solution that hits customers bang-on."  Hosted by Jayne Wallace and the Psychic Sisters, customers in the Astrolounge are able to have crystal massages, learn palm reading and purchase such essentials as luxury tarot cards.  in other Massive news, MassiveMusic’s New York office is celebrating its 10th anniversary.  It’s been a landmark year for the global music agency, which also celebrated 15 years of business this summer.  The doors to MassiveMusic New York opened in 2005, where Keith Haluska was joined by Kerry Smith and Emily Martin. Having been working at a music house in New York for eight years, Keith met Hans Brouwer, (Founder of MassiveMusic) while working on some productions with MassiveMusic Amsterdam. 


Optimus Design created the main titles for FITC FORM - the two-day celebration of the best in design, web, photography, media and craft in creative tech –that took  place in Chicago. Led by Creative Director Donnie Bauer, the opening sequence set the tone for the conference. The goal of the piece is to energize and excite attendees, sponsors and volunteers, and to inspire them to feel their creative energies flow.  The opening sequence is completely CGI-generated and original in content. In it, Optimus Design worked to portray abstract, morphing landscapes that move from organic and abstract to recognizable shapes and forms. The sequence brings to life the journey from the spark of an idea to something more architectural, rigid and recognizable.

Each year the Kim Dawson modeling agency picks a select group of aspiring models to compete in the agency’s model search. Top area creatives are asked to produce a film for each candidate showcasing the candidate’s talents.  This year, charlieuniformtango graphic designer/director Tramaine Townsend was chosen to direct a film introducing Luis Enrique. Current Kim Dawson model Kiersten Dolbec costarred.  The seven films were showcased at the Angelika Theater. At the end of the showing, the overall winner of the search was announced. All showcased models are given contracts with the Kim Dawson Agency.  Townsend titled his film “YUH” - about which he says, “Working on the film was amazing. The concept was one I’ve been thinking about for a long time. To go inside the mind of a guy who can’t stop thinking about a girl he’s crazy about. I wanted it to be very design heavy, and vast in space. In the mind, anything is possible, so I wanted the film to feel psychedelic and abstract.  “I was able to work with a very extensive and talented team that gave their free time to the production. Special thanks to Creative Director and Stylist of the film, Ariella Villa. Everything was shot on green screen. I was excited to work with an artist who does 3D printing, Max Sven Broden. He was able to scan the female model, Kiersten Dolbec, to create the 3D part of the film. It was a very impressive process. Our efx tango team including Nicole Brieger, Andrea Norby, Nick Patronella, Artie Pena, Allen Robbins, Joey Waldrip, and Chris Walker all were brilliant.”  charlieuniformtango Principal/President Lola Lott, said, “We were excited Tramaine was selected for this project. It fits our mission of supporting our community’s businesses and the talent in our industry. The Kim Dawson Agency is a cornerstone of our industry here in Dallas, and one we’re proud to partner with.”



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