Source Creative Presents LA - The Roundup

Source Creative Presents LA - The Roundup

The Source team returned to LA for the biggest and best Presents yet. Read all about it here.


The Oscars weren’t the only bit of glitz and glamour to hit LA in late February 2016, as Source Creative brought its popular screening night ‘Presents’ back to the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica to dish out another dose of top-notch unsigned directorial talent.

Collecting together 45-minuites of the best shorts and music videos from around the world, the screening took the 200+ audience of industry professionals on a rollercoaster journey through hearty laughs, genuine tears and smiles aplenty. Hosted by Source Creative Worldwide Editor Jamie Madge, the collection of talent drawn for the Scout section of the platform proved that inspiration and inventiveness can overcome budget or resource limitations.

Popular highlights from the show included French director Xavier Reye’s chilling ode to cancer ‘Quand C'est’, Danny Madden’s hyperkinetic ode to pop-culture ‘All Your Favourite Shows’ and Ning Cheng’s ode to… er… hilarity ‘Dinosaur’.

Following the show, the audience made its way to sponsors Margarita Mix’s opulent Santa Monica offices for the after-party of all after-parties. You can see the full set of snaps from the evening on our Facebook page and, as a treat, members AND non-members can see all of the films featured by clicking on this link. For full credits, click here.

Jamie introduces the audience to the films (photo courtesy of Nick Damico).

Obligitory audience shot (with requisite happy people and people who look less happy but DEFINITELY WERE!).

Source Creative's Andrew Sweeney and Margarita Mix's Paula Arnett, Michele Millard and Whitney Morris.

Jamie poses with 'Shaman' director Michael Langan and producer Najeeb Tarazi.

Team Source and Team Margarita Mix enjoy the after-party with pals.

Filmmaker Jordan Brady and agent Deirdre Rymer hang out.

The Source Creative team (Jamie Madge, James Straker, Colleen D'Amico and Andrew Sweeney) reflect on a job well done!

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