Station Film Signs Acclaimed Tabletop Director Vittorio Sacco For Commercial Representation

Station Film Signs Acclaimed Tabletop Director Vittorio Sacco For Commercial Representation

His artful & inventive style breathes life into food and specialty goods to create engaging stories.


Esteemed tabletop director Vittorio Sacco has joined bicoastal Station Film for commercial representation. With a painter’s eye for color and texture and a photographer’s mastery of light, his films for food, beverages, specialty goods and the like breathe life into products and make them palpable experiences for consumers. He’s worked extensively in the U.S., Europe and South America on hundreds of commercials for brands including Fage, Baskin Robbins, Dos Equis, Pizza Hut, Nestle, Intimissimi and Bulgari.

“We’ve had our eye on Vittorio for a while now,” said Stephen Orent, Managing Partner, Station Film. “When it’s done at such a high level, tabletop directing is an art form, and Vittorio’s work is pure poetry.  Station couldn’t be happier to have him on board and to offer our clients a true maestro for directing tabletop commercials and digital content.”

A resident of Miami for nearly a decade, Sacco was born in Milan, Italy, and a love of food and art are in his blood. “You could say I was born with a desire to bring food and specialty goods to life in an inventive way,” Sacco said. “As technology gets more and more advanced, I’m always discovering new ways to capture the essence of these products.”

“I was really struck by Vittorio’s style and sense of design,” said Caroline Gibney, Partner and Executive Producer, Station Film. “As a contemporary storyteller with an expertise in macro photography and slow motion, who has enduring agency relationships and a thorough understanding of our business, Vittorio is an amazing new resource for clients. He’s also a pleasure to collaborate with and we’re excited to bring him his next opportunity with Station.”

“Station is a great fit for me because we share a similar approach to working,” Sacco said. “The team there is very supportive in terms of prep and production, which is so important for delivering the best creative. That spirit of collaboration makes anything possible. Steve and I discovered we share a number of people in common in the business and a similar point of view. And I find him, Caroline, [Station executive producers] Michelle Towse and Leticia Gurjão to be very accessible, which is so important.”

After attending university in Milan, Sacco plotted his course as a visual artist and never looked back. His has lived in major advertising hubs around the world and while in London early on, assisting renowned director Lester Bookbinder—who Sacco aptly describes as the “Stanley Kubrick of tabletop”—on a De Beers Diamonds campaign, Bookbinder spotted his talent and gave Sacco some advice; he suggested he fast-track his career and get professional training in the technology of photography and cinematography. Sacco moved stateside to study at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. After earning a degree there, he moved to New York where he had his own still photography studio, and worked as a director/cameraman for tabletop commercials. After nearly a decade, he went back to Milan for a prolific run directing tabletop commercials out of Motion Picture House (now Casta Diva Pictures). In 2007, a job for Zimmerman Advertising in Miami in February gave him a much welcome reprieve from the winter doldrums. He fell in love with the climate and lifestyle of Miami and moved there with his wife and kids, still calling it home today.

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