Kuoni's Latest Spot ‘Travel Out of the Ordinary’

Kuoni's Latest Spot ‘Travel Out of the Ordinary’

Bare Films' Luke Losey directs the latest spot for Kuoni.


Luke Losey directs the latest spot for Kuoni and states "Projects of this calibre are unique, hugely complex, interesting and exciting to be involved in – every day was fun, Kuoni, Designate, Big Buoy and of course Bare Films were enthusiastic and bold from the off. We were breaking new ground and working into the unknown, unfazed."

He also says, "Technique was hugely important to this project, but the story (as always) drove the method, not the other way around. Our Kuoni film "Travel Out Of The Ordinary" required a variety of disciplines, from a live action shoot to at least four animation techniques, it’s complex but the end result is subtle, beautiful, inclusive and totally unique. I’ve created works using similar techniques for Mulberry, but Kuoni is stylistically a very different kind of film. We couldn’t really find many references for this - everybody took a leap of faith, taking my Mulberry films as proof of technique. We effectively deconstructed high resolution landscape photographs and repurposed them into 3D ones - allowing us to move a camera around in the 2D environment as if it were 3D. It’s very much a handcrafted piece. Kuoni has a unique look, especially as its offset by the swimmer, who is fully formed and live action and shot swimming mid air in a rig against green screen."

"We looked for actresses with gymnastic, dance or martial arts experience - we needed core strength and grace. In our case, it ended being a dance background. The human body in water is defined by its resistance to an invisible force - water, making that believable was paramount."

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