Jara Moravec Joins Savage

Jara Moravec Joins Savage

The highly creative director's career has included a number of prominent brands.


Director Jara Moravec has signed with Bicoastal / International production company SAVAGE.

Born in Prague, Jara’s career has been on the rise after a series of prominent ads for adidas, Vitra, Red Bull, Wallpaper magazine, The Guardian and Mulberry, recently emerging as one of the most creative directors working in advertising today.

Jara cut his teeth as a photographer shooting design, advertising and editorial assignments before directing a reel of visually inventive and entertaining commercials where art, technology and imagination are beautifully combined.

His distinctive eye is seen in new campaign work for adidas where mastery of mood, light and color promotes the company’s first ever line of 3D-printed running shoes. “Futurecraft” features beautifully lit textures shot in voyeuristic, Zen-like fashion, an elegant flow of macro photography revealing the process behind the creation of 3D-printed sneakers.

Sound is also a formative force, on offer in “Monster Sound” where rapid-fire visuals are beautifully amplified by music and sound. The spot’s imagery clips along in snug, rhythmic fashion to the marching beat of street-cred audio, all to promote a new collaboration between adidas Originals and Pure Monster Sound.

“My love for music was the primary reason I moved away from photography and into directing,” Jara explains. “I always wanted to breathe life into my images using music, and making films was the perfect avenue to achieve this.”

Other work is a study in light and vision, as in advertising for ultimate stain repellant Crep Protect where pure, white sneakers are doused with a rainbow of brightly colored paintballs before they are sprayed clean of every hued blemish.

“Keeping things simple and minimalist is the perfect antidote to the abundance of sensations that surround us,” Jara continues. “This approach also has a better chance of standing the test of time and not feeling gimmicky. I strongly believe that subtlety beats loudness when it comes to communication.”

“Agencies and brands are hungry for new, compelling work that inspires,” says Savage EP/Founder Pavla Burgetova on expanding her roster. “Jara’s reel is extremely compelling and a true reflection of what Savage is all about, a company of carefully curated artists that offer agencies unique storytelling abilities with a definitive edge.”

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