SourceEcreative launches 'The Scout'

SourceEcreative launches 'The Scout'

'The Scout' - SourceEcreative's new service showcasing unsigned directorial talent - launches globally for all members.

SourceEcreative launches 'The Scout'

SourceEcreative is proud to announce the launch of their unique member-service 'The Scout'.

Custom built to help production companies find the hottest new directorial talent, 'The Scout' is a curated online-resource detailing the latest work, contact details and related information for unsigned and locally-represented directors from around the world.

Each post, researched by the SourceEcreative team, provides an example film (short, music video, viral, spec commercial), full biographical details and email / telephone number / website for the individual, giving visitors everything they need to get in contact in a clear and concise overview.

All directors fall into two categories, 'Locally/Partially Represented' – meaning that they have some commercial representation in specific regions and 'Unsigned' – people who have no commercial representation whatsoever. Every post is categorised by territory (where the director is based) and style / technique, presenting members with an uncomplicated filtering system by which to find exactly what they need. The posts are also tagged with more specific keywords, so if you're looking for a director who specialises in 'cute', 'pixilation' or 'animals' the view can be refined further. Added to this is a clear-cut search system, meaning you'll never be left unable to find what you need.

Initially launched by The Reel in 2012 and transferred as part of the purchase of the company in December, 'The Scout' has proved popular with every production company who has used it, with many of the directors going on to find homes in top-notch production houses globally. Hanna Bayatti, Head Of Sales for HSI London, had this to say on the service - 'The Scout is wicked for showcasing all the unsigned director talent whose works are really creative and interesting and it covers all genres which I find really useful. I regularly keep an eye on The Scout - it's an essential resource for me finding directors that we can bring on board and make work together.'

Alongside the resource, the very best unsigned work will be screened at SourceEcreative's 'The Source Presents' screenings, bringing the films to a worldwide audience of industry professionals.

If this has whetted your appetite to scout out some talent for yourself, simply log-in and click on 'The Scout' logo in the top-right corner of the screen.

Published on 14th January

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