Sanctuary Content Expands Its Leadership

Sanctuary Content Expands Its Leadership

Kristen Bedard-Johnson joins as Executive Producer/Head of Sales.


Sanctuary Content, the Culver City-based production company, grows its leadership by adding sales veteran Kristen Bedard-Johnson as Executive Producer and Head of Sales. Bedard-Johnson’s role will complement that of Preston Lee, Executive Producer and Founder, on the West coast.

Kristen Bedard-Johnson joins Sanctuary’s new Brooklyn office after two years as Director of Sales and Management - East Coast at Smuggler. With a background in theater and over a decade in advertising at companies like Furlined and RadicalMedia, Bedard-Johnson knew she wanted to join the ranks at Sanctuary when the opportunity arose, having had her eye on their roster since the company launched in 2016.

“Preston has such a strong reputation in the industry, and right away I saw how his vision aligned with my goals. We came together really naturally,” says Bedard-Johnson. “I’m thrilled to be able help the directors bond their artistic output with commerce, to get specific on what success looks like to them and help to build that trajectory. It’s the most rewarding part of my career, and that’s what’s so appealing about Sanctuary. It really feels like the future.”

As for Lee, he describes hiring Kristen as an immediate symbiosis, saying he’s “thrilled to have a co-conspirator. Sanctuary has a small, well-curated and diverse roster and our focus really is on career development and doing excellent work. That’s where we align.”

A focus on nurturing talent isn’t the only commonality; both EPs share an excitement for the convergence of entertainment and advertising in the current media landscape. This shines through in a roster of makers who create across the very different formats of filmmaking, including advertising, film, music videos, and television. Having produced five short films to date, the company is continuing to push into long-format in all platforms.

After 36 months building the company in Culver City, Lee says now is the right time for the infusion of fresh energy and enthusiasm in Sanctuary’s new Brooklyn office. “In order for us to grow and move onto the next phase of our journey, we needed someone exactly like Kristen to come on board. The strength of two strategic minds working across both coasts is the best way to provide the strongest opportunities for our directors.”


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