LATAM Campaign Produced By La Casa De La Madre Comes To LA Shorts Festival

LATAM Campaign Produced By La Casa De La Madre Comes To LA Shorts Festival

A short film by the Brazilian production company, for LATAM Airlines is nominated at a Los Angeles film festival.


A short film by La Casa de la Madre, a Brazilian production company, for LATAM Airlines is nominated at a Los Angeles film festival. The nomination proves that a well-crafted branded content reverberates more and goes beyond the advertising market, gaining ground evenin the film circuit.

Reencounter”, a short film produced by the Brazilian production company La Casa de la Madre for LATAM Airlines Brazil, was selected to be screened and to compete at the 21st LA Shorts International Film Festival, which will be held during August in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The festival is accredited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the winners are eligible for the Oscar nomination, as well as being officially qualified for the BAFTA (British Academy Film Awards) short film awards.

Written by André Castilho and directed by Jorge Brivilati, storytelling experts, the film was already awarded with gold in 2016 at the Ciclope Festival. According to Castilho, it is not every day that contents of branded content is seen extrapolating its usual categories of advertising festivals to permeate film festivals, even more on LA Shorts level, one of the most important festivals in the world dedicated exclusively to the seventh art.

“When contents originally created for brand communication gain space at film festivals, especially in a non-segmented category, it’s the evidence that well-crafted storytelling reverberates more. This is a positive sign, but still uncommon in our market often satisfied with the old formula of advertising only disguised as entertainment,” says the writer.

The campaign, launched during Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016, marked the move from TAM airlines to LATAM. “This campaign was a milestone in the history of LATAM, because with this campaign we presented our sponsorship to Rio 2016 Olympic Games and also bid farewell to TAM brand, which became LATAM. We were immensely pleased to see that our bet on a format previously unheard of in Brazilian airlines films worked out so good that it marked the memory of our clients, besides resulting in the acknowledgment also from the film academy”, says Daniel Aguado, senior manager of LATAM Airlines Brasil Communication and Brand.

“This work was all designed to be a movie production, although we were meeting the values of a brand. This shows the company’s maturity in not wanting to stand out in the history of the film and in giving authorship freedom, so that we could work”, ends Castilho.

With 15 minutes of duration, the short film shows Pedro’s re-union with his grandparents after a long time away. Together, grandson and grandfather travel to watch the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the young man discovers that his grandfather was a great rowing athlete.

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