“Back To The 90’s” Director Ben Giroux Joins Superlounge

“Back To The 90’s” Director Ben Giroux Joins Superlounge

Director and social media influencer's content has earned 100 million views globally.


On the heels of helming the hugely successful comedy-meets-hip-hop video, “Back to the 90s,” director and social media influencer Ben Giroux has joined Superlounge for exclusive commercial representation in the U.S. “Back to the 90s” debuted May 1 on Facebook, racking up 1 million views in 10 hours, earning 60M views on the platform to date. That video is just the latest success for Giroux, whose prolific comedy career spans content creation for networks like FML, FailBlog and FRED, roles on NICK, Disney and more, and work with some of the most acclaimed directors in the business, including The Farrelly Brothers, Christopher Guest, and David O’Russell. Superlounge is his first spot roost.

“Ben has the background to support whatever platform or medium we might be engaged in,” said Superlounge Executive Producer, National Sales Vicki Williams. “He is an exciting person in general, with a well-earned reputation as a team player. One look at his work in TV, musical comedy and the viral space, and it’s clear that he is the right director at the right time to make a big splash in our industry.”

“You want to align yourself with people who not only get work, but who attract work in the same creative space,” said Giroux of his decision to join Superlounge, which is overseen by Williams, Executive Producer Dave Farrell and director/partner Jordan Brady. Giroux was cast years ago in a Brady-directed Build-A-Bear spot. “So much of Jordan’s work appeals to me as a comedian, both in terms of sensibility and quality,” Giroux said. “And if I can say a word about Jordan, Dave and Vicki, I’ll simply say that when you’ve been in this town for a while, the cream rises to the top and stands out. These are really creative and amazing people, with whom I’m honored to be joining forces.”

As a social media influencer, Giroux’s viral digital content has collectively amassed over 100 million views globally. Most recently, after  "Back to the 90s.” (in which he also appears, alongside collaborator Jensen Reed) charted at #11 on Billboard, Giroux and Reed joined the Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas. He has directed short films with Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons and Seinfeld-alum Danny Woodburn, in addition to creating viral comedy content for multiple YouTube mega brands. On camera, Giroux has recurred and guest-starred on dozens of television series and national commercial campaigns, in addition to voicing hundreds of television and radio advertisements over the last decade.

“I have always felt like a director, even when I’ve been on set as an actor,” Giroux recalled. “I’d observe the process, learning from these great directors. It was a hat that I couldn’t take off even if I wasn’t wearing it.”

“Ben’s expertise - from directing kids to telling stories with more edgy humor - is impressively broad,” Williams noted. Giroux observed that his grown-up fans tend to be on Facebook while his youth-oriented fan base follows him on Instagram (he currently stars as Mikey Munroe in Nickelodeon’s animated series BUNSEN IS A BEAST, with recurring roles on numerous networks).

Asked about acting in branded projects given the visibility of “Back to the 90s” (which was covered on KROQ, BuzzFeed, Just Jared, Perez Hilton, Splitsider and more), Giroux said, “My interest is in staying behind the camera, but naturally there are some really exciting opportunities to leverage the Jensen Reed/Ben Giroux personas for musically comedic stuff for a brand.” He concluded, “For me, as a filmmaker and comedy devotee, I want to utilize whatever serves the comedy the best.”

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