Women’s Network The Broad Exchange Sparks ‘I Resolve’ Movement For International Women’s Day

Women’s Network The Broad Exchange Sparks ‘I Resolve’ Movement For International Women’s Day

The spot was directed by Keziban Barry.


The Broad Exchange, an action-driven network of women in the creative industries, is stepping up to inspire women to harness their talents to affect change on issues they’re most passionate about in a new video, “#IRESOLVE,” launched in conjunction with International Women’s Day. Their powerful short film peers in on the dynamic interchange and dialogue at the heart of The Broad Exchange, with female leaders from the creative and communications industries coming together to leverage their immediately accessible skills, positions and experience to create positive impact. In the wake of a year of extreme polarization, these women are taking responsibility for being a part of the change that they want to see in the world.  

The video aims to spark a movement, bringing more women into the fold to make a difference through their talents across pressing issues that matter most to them, spanning gender equality, immigration, gun control, at-risk youth, racism and more. Beyond the specific issues they hope to tackle, they want to establish an open stream of communication, to create constructive and honest dialogues that can help lay the groundwork for the unique brand of creative problem solving that can only stem from professional creative and communications talent.

Following the momentum of the #MeToo and related movements, The Broad Exchange founders Jen Hays, Ashley Davidson and Tamara Rothschild aim to take a positive and action-driven approach with the network, challenging the constructs of what individuals consider to be “women’s issues” and rallying the power behind this recent awakening to make an even broader impact. Embracing inclusivity and diversity, the network aims to inspire individuals to step into leadership roles and take action, leveraging their creativity and resources to help give a voice and vision to underserved demographics.

Notes Hays, “We want people to be aware that there is a methodology available to them to change issues that are bothersome to them and it doesn’t have to look like the approaches that they see others taking. We have the power and resources to come together to form honest and constructive conversations and ultimately create a positive impact.”

“It doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” adds Davidson. “Part of our goal is to come together to envision small steps that are immediately manageable for individuals, but that can add up to big change.”

The spot was directed by Keziban Barry

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